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  • Lucky Elk
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About us

We grow our small, artisanal batches of CBD hemp in rich, living soil. A boutique-scale means that every seed, plant, flower, and customer is handled with care and attention.

Our Story

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Every day, Tucker feels lucky to be farming in beautiful Southern Oregon. Since 2011, his sustainable and organic farming practices have enriched and enlivened the land. The farm continues to grow heirloom vegetables and pastured meat for local restaurants and farmers' markets. 

Inspired by the regenerative powers of CBD, Tucker now plants several acres of CBD rich hemp. He uses “old-fashioned” farming practices like composting, cover cropping, and rotational grazing. It’s not usually the easiest way, but after nearly a decade the results are hard to deny. Tucker is very excited to offer the farm’s premium products to an ever-growing community of customers and clients around the country.

To learn more, find the full in-depth interview with founder Tucker Pyne here! 

Our dogs.. Max, Lola, and Henry

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