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Tropical Sundae THCa

Tropical Sundae THCa

Tropical Sundae THCa—aka Tropical Biscotti Sundae—is a new indica hybrid from Cannarado Genetics. The exciting lineage (Mai Tai x Biscotti Sundae) combines creamy, fruity, dank flavors into a powerful package that looks, smells, and tastes amazing. The tightly trimmed buds are a beautiful shade of purple with vibrant red hairs. This batch has a fresh cure, which leaves the dense, medium-sized buds incredibly sticky and difficult to break up by hand. These indoor grown flowers are completely carpeted in milky white trichomes.

Tropical Sundae has a distinct funky, doughy aroma that immediately jumps out of the bag. The complex profile is nicely rounded out with powerful notes of sweet, creamy, fruit punch. Faint top-notes of woodsy pine can be detected as well. The thick, decadent smoke has an incredibly rich mouth-feel, and rolls off your tongue with a taste of ripe berries and cream.

Tropical Sundae could very well be the perfect strain for a lazy afternoon. The dank, creamy flavors and potent cannabinoids offer a rewarding experience for any cannabis cannoisseur.

* Lab-Tested * Less than 0.3% THC *

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Δ9-THC: <0.3%
THCA: 28.19%
Total Cannabinoids: 30.43%
Tasting Notes: Berries, Cream, Dank
Scents and Aroma: Doughy, Funky, Fruit Punch
Hemp Strain: Indica Dominant
Bud Size: Medium
Grow Type: Indoor
This product is not available for shipment to the following states: Hawaii, Idaho, Minnesota, Oregon, Rhode Island, Utah, Vermont
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Take a Closer Look

Tropical Sundae THCa is soil-grown flower, cultivated indoors with organic ingredients. The doughy, funky aroma is incredibly distinct and gives this strain amazing bag appeal. The indica-leaning effects are reported to be quite potent.

  • Indoor Grown
  • Organic Soil
  • No Pesticides
  • Hand Trimmed Buds
  • Lab Tested for Purity and Compliance

THCa / CBD Flower Wholesale

Farm direct THCa and CBD. Low MOQ.

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