CBD Pre Rolls: The Complete Guide to Pre-Rolled Hemp Joints

CBD Pre Rolls

CBD Pre Rolls are joints made with legal hemp flower. CBD pre rolls are a convenient, cost-effective way to smoke hemp because they eliminate the hassle and expense of rolling your own CBD joints—a process that requires specialized materials, experience, and skill. With this guide, you’ll learn about different kinds of CBD Pre Rolls, what should and shouldn’t go in them, how they’re made, and what they cost. So skip the papers, filters, tips, (and frustration) … and read on for more reasons why CBD Pre Rolls might just be the best industry innovation since sliced bread.

What’s in a CBD Pre Roll?

Typically, CBD Pre Rolls contain one gram of hemp flower. If you’re in the mood for a “quickie” all to yourself, consider something in the range of 0.5-0.75 gram. If you’re planning to share with a friend or family member, then it might be a better to choose a pre roll that’s packed with at least 1 gram or more. Fundamentally, the quality of any CBD pre roll is determined by the hemp flower that goes inside. There are a few different grades available. Make sure you understand each tier and how it will affect your smoke. Here’s a mini-guide to different types of flower, so that you can make the right choice when buying a CBD pre roll:

Premium Flower — the best CBD hemp. These buds are usually harvested from the upper half of the hemp plants. Most of the stems have been removed, as well as the outer leaves; this process can be done with a machine, but the most premium flower is “trimmed” by hand. There are no seeds in premium flower.

A.K.A. top shelf, hand trimmed, sometimes referred to as A grade, A-bud, “A”s

Smalls — these are smaller hemp flower buds, harvested from the upper and lower half of the hemp plants. Smalls are often still very high quality, only their size makes them less suitable for shoppers who buy smokable hemp flower as whole (not ground) buds. Smalls can be a great value for customers who want to process their own hemp flower for pre rolls, oils, cooking, or just smoking. This grade might have an occasional seed.

A.K.A. B grade, B-bud or “B”s

Trim — this is the lowest grade of hemp flower, usually a by-product from processing the higher grades. During the trimming process, the outer leaf passes through screens and is collected in bins. This grade is perhaps most suitable for cooking or making low-grade CBD oil, but it won’t provide the best smoking experience. Sometimes quite seedy.

Looking for Premium Pre Rolls? Start with Premium Flower.

“When buying Hemp Pre Rolls online, avoid companies that use trim, or other low grade by-products. And of course, always choose Organic and Sustainably Grown hemp!” — Tucker Pyne, founder of Lucky Elk

‘Enjoy the rich, natural taste of hemp flower while receiving the benefits of CBD…’

Are rolling papers important?

When it comes to CBD Pre Rolls, not all rolling papers are created equally! In fact, there are only a handful of companies that can boast the skills and experience needed to consistently produce fine smoking paper. You want your papers to burn evenly, not too slow, not too fast. They should be sturdy enough to hold the valuable smoking material but delicate enough not to overpower the taste of your pre rolled CBD joint. Choose only papers that have been sealed with a natural adhesive, like Acacia gum. Check out these high end CBD Pre Rolls rolled with natural RAW smoking papers.

How much of a CBD Pre Roll should I smoke?

Try smoking about half of your CBD Pre Roll to start, or even one-third if you’re sensitive to mood enhancing substances. Assuming an average content of 13% CBD, a one-gram pre roll contains 130 mg of CBD. That’s a lot! Typically, a recommended dose of CBD is between 25 and 50 mg per serving.

One of the great things about CBD Pre Rolls is their relative safety and lack of side-effects. Nobody has ever consumed a toxic amount of CBD. Evidence suggests that you can’t overdose, period. That being said, it is highly recommended that you start slowly, identifying how your body reacts before moving forward with larger doses. Some people have reported a slight headache after consuming doses above 100 mg.

How much do CBD Pre Rolls cost?

CBD pre rolls typically cost between $4 and $12 each. Buying singles is always more expensive, but it can be a great way to try new strains of high quality CBD hemp flower. If you shop for CBD pre rolls in larger quantities, let’s say a 6-pack, the cost of each CBD joint decreases significantly.

You might save some money by rolling your own CBD joints at home. But typically the do-it-yourself option is only cost effective if you’re an experienced joint roller and making CBD joints in bulk. You can find great deals on bulk quantities of high quality CBD hemp flower online, where you should expect to pay between $3 and $6 per gram. But once you factor in all the additional expenses of rolling your own CBD joints—papers, tips, a decent grinder, a rolling tray, maybe even a small rolling machine, time and skill … well then you start to see how CBD Pre Rolls can be an economical and time-saving option for most people.

COST CALCULATOR: Do-it-yourself CBD Joints

The average price of 3.5 grams of Premium CBD Hemp Flower is about $15 at LuckyElk.com— about $4.25 per gram. If you buy a larger quantity of Premium CBD Hemp Flower, let’s say a full 28 grams, then the cost decreases to only $2.50 per gram. Add in the additional costs of your papers, tips, grinder, and time … and you might be able to roll your own CBD joints for around $3 each. But don’t forget that it might take a lot of practice to get the results you want!

By comparison, you can buy a 6-pack of CBD pre rolls for about $4 per pre roll. Some companies even include extra features like matches and a striker panel. Plus, who wouldn’t love a sleek, sturdy box to carry around their smokes?!

Experienced joint rollers can save a few bucks by purchasing CBD Hemp Flower in bulk quantities and rolling their own joints. But it takes a lot of practice!

What are the benefits of CBD Pre Rolls?

Smoking is a tried and true way to immediately activate the effects of CBD. Most people will feel the effects within about60 seconds of inhaling the rich, flavorful smoke. The scientific research into CBD skyrocketed since federal legalization of hemp in 2014, but the USDA and FDA haven’t officially evaluated any claims into the efficacy of CBD. Still, the early research, case studies, and millions of users lend serious weight to the health claims of this multi-purpose molecule.

Pain Relief — many users report relief from chronic nerve pain. Research has shown that CBD Pre Rolls work with the central nervous system and the brain to block pain signals. This can be a great natural option for those seeking natural pain relief without sedative and addictive side effects.

Protect Brain Cells & Promote Brain Growth — with strong evidence of neuroprotective properties, CBD Pre Rolls are believed to protect brain cells from damage and even encourage new growth of brain cells in the hippocampus. By activating the brain’s CB1 receptor, CBD is thought to also improve the ability to learn. This is particularly promising in areas of Alzheimer’s research.

Further Reading: ‘Effects of Cannabidiol on Cerebral Blood Flow’ — Recent Study from the Journal of Psychopharmacology

Sleep Aid — increasingly used to assist with falling asleep and staying asleep, CBD Pre Rolls are gaining popularity with troubled sleepers. Members of the Insomniac’s Club, often on the verge of hopelessness, are reporting that smoking a CBD Pre Roll in the evening helps them fall asleep faster and achieve an uninterrupted night of rest!

Blood Sugar — CBD Pre Rolls are frequently used to manage blood sugar levels.

Now you’re ready to shop!

CBD Pre Rolls make it easy to enjoy the rich, natural taste of hemp flower while receiving the benefits of CBD. Hop onto any search engine, and you’ll find hundreds of companies offering this exciting new product online. Before you buy, make sure you do your research because there are a lot of shady websites out there offering poor quality products. Whenever possible, choose hemp flower that’s been grown Organically and Sustainably. For your own health, and the health of our planet, try shopping direct from farmers who’ve demonstrated a commitment to socially and environmentally responsible practices! (Wink, wink, nudge, nudge … we recommend Lucky Elk, based in Southern Oregon!)

CBD and Diabetes

Just when you think you’ve heard all the ways CBD is helping folks … you learn something new! Check out this review from one of our customers with type 1 diabetes:

CBD Pre Rolls are used to manage blood sugar levels in Type 1 insulin-dependent diabetics.

“I’m pretty excited to tell you about an unexpected bonus from the CBD Pre Rolls. They help level out my glucose/sugar levels. I’ve been a type 1 insulin-dependent diabetic since I was 16. For the last week, I smoked a doobie a day of your delicious product, and I've achieved sustained improvement in my sugar levels that in my whole life I've never matched. I'm as sure as I can be without a medical study. Look at my chart … 100% in range! I’m so stoked, as it's normally incredibly difficult to keep my sugars at even levels. Lucky Elk CBD Pre Rolls are undoubtedly helping with that.” -John C.

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