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Discover the perfect balance between value and quality with our AA Mid Shelf THCa flower. Specially selected to meet the needs of both seasoned enthusiasts and newcomers alike, these buds offer a satisfying cannabis experience at an accessible price point. Expect reliable potency, solid trichome coverage, and a range of flavors that make these buds a fantastic choice for everyday enjoyment. Elevate your cannabis journey without breaking the bank.

Your Trusted Source for Organic Hemp Flower

Welcome to Lucky Elk, your premier destination for the finest hemp products from the best Oregon farms. Our guild of growers is committed to using organic ingredients and sustainable farming practices, so you can feel better about your body and your impact on the environment.

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Cannabis friendly packaging made from recycled materials.

What Our Customers Are Saying

I can’t tell you how much these tinctures have helped me! I’d recommend it for anyone dealing with chronic pain.
Hemp of the highest quality. I have been buying for years and somehow it keeps getting better.
Gets me through the day, helps me focus and keep my anxiety down. Thanks Lucky Elk!
Have you seen the pre-rolls? It’s so unique and stylish, has everything you need in the pack - a dream come true.

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