The Lucky Elk Story

Farmer-owned since 2011

Welcome to Lucky Elk, your destination for the finest hemp from Southern Oregon. Nestled in the heart of cannabis country, Lucky Elk has evolved from a boutique farm into a national distributor of organic and sustainably grown products. 

Our company’s founder, Tucker Pyne, spent the last decade farming food and medicine for the local community of Rogue River, OR—building a vibrant network of local farmers and cannabis enthusiasts along the way. Today, Tucker spends more time in the office than he does in the field, but his vision and values remain unchanged: quality products at affordable prices, organic and sustainable farming methods, and a personal touch when it comes to customer service. 

When you shop with Lucky Elk, you’re not just buying the best hemp products available online; you’re building a bridge between the modern consumer and the best farmers on the planet. Together, we can forge a new cannabis industry rooted in the heritage of community, sustainability, and transparency. 

On behalf of our team, and our talented Guild of Growers, thank you for choosing to shop with us. Lucky Elk is more than a brand. It’s a testament to the power of this amazing plant—to heal us, teach us, connect us. Welcome to the Lucky Elk canna-fam!

  • Small Batch is Better

    Our farmers grow small, artisanal batches of hemp in rich, living soil. A boutique-scale means that every seed, plant, flower, and customer is handled with care and attention.

  • Dry Aged & Slow Cured

    We hang-dry and slow-cure our hemp flower—the old-school way. Our emphasis on traditional harvest practices, combined with industry-leading storage and packaging products, means you always get the freshest product.

  • Top Quality Location & Practices

    We’re located in the world’s premiere cannabis-growing region. For the last decade, we’ve cover cropped, composted, used rotational grazing, and generally enriched and enlivened the land. Our farmers choose organic ingredients and never use pesticides.

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Do We Grow our Hemp Differently?

From 2011 until 2021, the Lucky Elk farm offered a diversity of organic vegetables, fruit, meat, and medicinal herbs to the local community of Southern Oregon. But the farm’s roots can be traced across the country, beginning over a decade ago when Lucky Elk founder, Tucker Pyne, spent time on a small homestead in the Appalachian mountains of Virginia. There, he discovered how sustainable farming has the power to heal land, people, and community. After moving back to his native west coast, Tucker immediately set to work. The implementation of permaculture principles began totransform the rugged slopes of his newly acquired piece of land into a fertile mountain paradise. The farm (originally called ‘Black Dog Farmstead’ and later renamed ‘Elk Mountain Hemp’) quickly gained recognition for Pyne’s innovative approach to sustainability and the way he rallied support from the local community. The farm was celebrated in several nationally distributed publications, including a feature article in Dope Magazine.

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