Collection: Hemp Flower Pre Rolls

Made with organically grown hemp flower from Southern Oregon.

Pre Rolls FAQ

Our THCa pre rolls are created with a curated selection of premium THCa flower. The rich flavors and potent cannabinoid concentration can be attributed to our emphasis on living soil and other organic and sustainable farming techniques. We believe in using the highest quality products to create the highest quality experience, which is why we will never any low quality, cheap biomass for our pre-rolled joints – only 100% freshly ground hemp buds.

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Cannabis friendly packaging made from recycled materials.

What Our Customers Are Saying

I can’t tell you how much these tinctures have helped me! I’d recommend it for anyone dealing with chronic pain.
Hemp of the highest quality. I have been buying for years and somehow it keeps getting better.
Gets me through the day, helps me focus and keep my anxiety down. Thanks Lucky Elk!
Have you seen the pre-rolls? It’s so unique and stylish, has everything you need in the pack - a dream come true.

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