CBG Flower, Hemp Flower - What is it?

For the cannabis flower aficionado, there’s a new bud on the block. It’s harvested from fields of cannabis L sativa stretching from coast to coast. It offers all the rich smells and vibrant colors you’d find at your local farmers’ market. It’s packed into Pre Rolls and pipes, infused with tinctures and cooking oils, and it’s arrived at a store near you.

The era of CBG flower is on the rise. Let’s examine the tremendous potential for CBG flower to become the next big thing in cannabis. After all, it may even surpass the medicinal benefits of CBD. And it’s incredibly low THC content makes it legal in just about every market.

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What is CBG Flower?

CBG flower refers to hemp flower buds that are high in CBG, or “cannabigerol.” Typically, CBG flower contains 10-15% CBG by weight.

Savor the Flavor

Generally, CBG flower is lighter and crisper in its flavor profile than CBD and THC equivalents. CBG flower tends to be lighter in color as well. It produces less resin, and the trichomes feel powdery instead of sticky. Despite the similarities with CBD and THC flower, CBG flower expresses its own unique cannabinoid in a way that you have to try to fully appreciate!


To get technical about it, CBG flower is high in CBGA, or “cannabigerolic acid.” At a molecular level, CBGA is a CBG molecule with an extra amino acid. Inside a growing plant, CBGA is the precursor to all other cannabinoids. It’s possible to decarboxylate your flower—a slow heating process that breaks the bond holding the extra amino acid—in order to convert the CBGA into CBG. But it isn’t necessary.

When shopping for CBG flower online, take a close look at the Certificate of Analysis (COA) that should be available with every batch. Let’s examine the following COA, which analyzes a high CBG strain of hemp flower…

Lucky Elk - Hawaiian Haze & White CBG - Banner Shot - Crop.jpg
“CBG flower expresses its own unique cannabinoid in a way that you have to try to fully appreciate!”

image: Hawaiian Haze CBD (left)


Understanding and Analyzing: CBG Hemp Flower Certificate of Analysis

The certificate of analysis shows us that in its raw state, this flower has a high content of CBGA. To call it ‘CBG flower’ can be misleading, but that’s the industry standard term.

CBGA = 13.9%

CBG = 0.208%

When you heat CBGA-rich buds with a household lighter or matches, you’ll convert some of the CBGA into CBG through a process of rapid decarboxylation, or “decarbing.”

CBGA + heat —> CBG

Inside the growing cannabis L sativa plant, CBGA is the chemical precursor to all the other cannabinoids. In other words, CBGA is synthesized into CBD, CBN, and THC inside the plant’s own organic chemical factory. With most genetics, this process happens early in the growth cycle; at harvest, very little CBGA remains in the flower bud.

CBGA flower (a.k.a. CBG flower) is a unique product, produced by a recessive trait in coveted lines of cannabis L sativa genetics. Instead of being turned into other cannabinoids, the CBGA remains chemically intact all the way through harvest.

Read our other blogs to understand how CBG is the precursor of over a 100 different cannabinoids. Learn why CBG is called the “Mother of all Cannabinoids.”

How Does CBG flower make you feel?

Immediately after using CBG flower, you’ll probably feel relaxed and insightful—but not because of any psychotropic effects. CBG interacts with our bodies in a subtle way. From a mental and emotional perspective, users often feel calm, clear-headed, and confident. From our personal experience, we can say that CBG helps us find clarity amidst the confusion of life.

Some of our customers seek out these “level-headed” effects of CBG as a way to complement other cannabinoids. E.g. some users will roll a joint with CBD flower and CBG flower to achieve a more balanced effect. (This strategy also works well with CBG flower and THC flower.)


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Does CBG Get You High?

CBG is not psychoactive, and it will not get you high. THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is the cannabinoid cousin that leaves you feeling “stoned,” which some folks associate with pleasure, even euphoria. Still others avoid THC because their experiences are more commonly associated with paranoia and disassociation.

Therapeutic Uses

Users also report immediate physical relief from CBG flower. At Lucky Elk, many of our customers are turning to CBG flower to treat symptoms such as inflammation and chronic joint pain.

Other therapeutic uses include:

  • Anti bacterial
  • Anti inflammatory
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Bladder problems
  • Cancer
  • Muscle relaxant
  • Neuro regeneration
  • Pain relief
  • Psoriasis
  • Bone and joint strengthening

“I was a little reluctant to try CBG flower. But my legs were hurting so badly that eventually I was willing to do anything. My wife suggested the White CBG Pre Rolls from Lucky Elk. OMG they’re amazing. My legs stopped hurting! These Pre Rolls bring so much relief that I’ve actually been able to eliminate a lot of chemical pills. Thank you Lucky Elk for introducing me to CBG flower!” — Robert G.

Flower Focused: Unprocessed, Natural, and Close to the Source

As farmers (and consumers) we choose unprocessed products whenever possible. The best bet is always to get your food and medicine straight from the field. These kinds of products retain more of their natural goodness and undergo fewer opportunities for degradation and adulteration.

So what’s the purest, most direct way to source and consume cannabigerol? CBG hemp flower of course!

Top 5 CBG Strains

If you’re looking for the best smokable flower, here’s a list of the Top 5 high CBG strains:

  1. The White CBG (greenhouse)
  2. The White CBG (outdoor)
  3. Sour G
  4. Stem Cell
  5. Jack Frost

Ingestion Methods and Alternatives to Smoking

The most common method for consuming CBG flower is smoking. From old school home-made joints to modern vape pens, this is the most direct, and fastest acting way to receive the benefits of CBG. Might we suggest some CBG Pre Rolls—the perfect balance between vintage feel and modern convenience?

CBG flower is also great for baking and cooking infusions. And it’s becoming increasingly popular in topical creams due to its anti-inflammatory properties. The CBG flower we produce in our Southern Oregon fields has a high concentration of the terpene Guaiol, which is also recognized as an anti-inflammatory.

Grown in Southern Oregon greenhouses, this might be the best CBG flower online!

 Grown in Southern Oregon greenhouses, this might be the best CBG flower online!

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Market Regulation Creates Opportunity for CBG Flower

Every day, our industry edges closer to defining hemp as containing less than 0.3% Total THC. For years, many producers and regulators have been relying on a significantly less restrictive definition that only considers the psychoactive delta-9-THC. When the legal framework changes at a federal level, the vast majority of CBD-rich hemp flower could become illegal overnight!

Compliance Friendly Flower < 0.3% Total THC

CBG dominant cannabis produces an almost undetectable amount of THC. This is another reason why you’re going to be hearing a lot more about CBG flower in the coming years. For farmers and other producers, it’s an ideal cannabinoid for the increasingly strict regulatory demands that are evolving with this new market.

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