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We believe that full spectrum hemp grown in living soil has the power to change lives, and that sustainable farming practices can regenerate the land. We believe in growing the old-fashioned way—without pesticides or chemical fertilizers—so that’s how we do it.

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Cannabis friendly packaging made from recycled materials.

  • Organic Hemp Flower

    We grow our Premium Hemp Flower with Organic and Sustainable farming
    practices. Since 2011, we have used compost, mulch, cover crops, and
    rotational grazing to build rich, living soil. Our hemp flower is raw
    and unadulterated. Some of our patients and customers make their own
    full-spectrum CBD oil; some infuse their favorite cooking oils; some
    prefer the old-school method of smoking a joint. But they all want the
    highest quality product available. And they want to feel good knowing
    their medicine was grown with methods that regenerate the planet, too.

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  • Full Spectrum CBD Drops

    We have put a lot of time into building a tincture line that would be beneficial to every type of person. Whether you have problems sleeping, or you need something to help you focus on your daily tasks. It is not easy to handle stress, and that is why we have been crafting this batch of products to utilize the full-spectrum CBD benefits in different forms. We know there are many people that do not like to smoke, so here is the perfect alternative. Flavorful organic CBD tinctures that use different strains and a wide range of terpenes to bring you the best possible health benefits depending on your needs.

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  • Fresh Pre Rolls

    Made with the same organic and flavor-rich CBD hemp we have grown for years. Our pre rolls are a convenient and stylish way to experience full-spectrum hemp. We believe in using the highest quality products to create the highest quality experience, which is why we will never any low-quality, cheap biomass for our pre rolled joints – only 100% freshly ground organic hemp buds. Each joint is rolled in organic hemp paper and sealed for freshness. We package them in our signature boxes that come with an experience. We have designed our Lucky Elk pre roll boxes to include matches, a striking pad, and tightly secured pre rolls that will change how you see hemp. Now, go on and enjoy a purely crafted organic and potent hemp joint

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Who Grows Your Hemp?

We grow our Premium Hemp Flower with Organic and Sustainable farming practices. The magic doesn’t stop in the fields though – we hang-dry each stem by hand for perfectly consistent airflow. Then a 60-day cure brings out the full flavor and feel of each select strain. We use cooler temperatures and old-fashioned techniques. It takes a little more work and a little more time, but we know you will appreciate the difference. Our strict Quality Control evolved from a decade of growing plant medicine for patients with chronic health conditions.

Tests & Research

Lucky Elk hemp flower is always tested by an accredited laboratory, so our customers are assured of safety and potency.

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