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Flapjacks THCa

Flapjacks THCa

Flapjacks THCa is an exquisite indica-dominant strain with unique genetics (Macflurry x Pancakes.) The original purple phenotype is back with our latest batch! Our farmers have selected for the GMO-dominant flavors while preserving the dough and syrup notes that make this strain so popular. Truly an exotic strain, the buds are frosted over with trichomes and meticulously hand trimmed.

Flapjacks showcases a unique terpene profile by combining doughy pancake flavors with earthy garlic. In the aroma, gas and pine contrast perfectly with the funky, earthy base notes. Syrupy top notes sweeten the deal. As to be expected, the taste is nothing short of an experience—full bodied, rich smoke offering doughy sweetness, ripe berries, and hints of piney garlic.

This phenotype of Flapjacks is a sought-after gem, catering to seasoned cannabis enthusiasts seeking the pinnacle of potency and flavor.

* Lab-Tested * Less than 0.3% THC *

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Δ9-THC: <0.3%
THCA: 32.0%
Total Cannabinoids: 32.81%
Tasting Notes: Cake, Garlic, Pine, Syrup
Scents and Aroma: Dough, Garlic, Gas, Pine
Hemp Strain: Indica Dominant
Bud Size: Medium
Grow Type: Indoor
This product is not available for shipment to the following states: Hawaii, Idaho, Minnesota, Oregon, Rhode Island, Utah, Vermont
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Take a Closer Look

Flapjacks THCa is soil-grown flower, cultivated indoors with organic ingredients. The unique, complex terpenes and potent cannabinoid profile make this a staff-favorite. This strain is a must-try for all garlic lovers!

  • Indoor Grown
  • Organic Ingredients
  • No Pesticides
  • Hand Trimmed Buds
  • Lab Tested for Purity and Compliance

THCa / CBD Flower Wholesale

Farm direct THCa and CBD. Low MOQ.

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