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Lucky Elk

Live Hash Rosin | 6-Star

Live Hash Rosin | 6-Star

Elevate your cannabis experience with our 6-Star THCa Live Rosin, made from full-melt bubble hash. Crafted for the discerning connoisseur, this concentrate showcases the very best solventless THCa extraction.

Our certified-regenerative Oregon farmers grow exclusively for fresh frozen flower, so each batch of rosin is made with prime, top-cuts of the plant. We make our bubble hash the old-fashioned way, capturing the resinous trichomes by freezing them in an ice water bath, then sifting from 90 to 160 microns. This process preserves the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes without harsh solvents like butane or propane.

After it’s freeze-dried, the bubble hash is pressed on a low temperature head. The rosin is cured and then whipped until light and buttery—finally achieving that rich color, creamy texture, and potent aroma. Prepare yourself for the ‘liquid gold’ of concentrates.

* Lab-Tested * Less than 0.3% THC *

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Live Rosin Strain Selection:

Breadstix #5 (Garlic Breath x Jiffy Cake) is an exclusive indica hybrid from Staefli Farms. After years of hunting for the perfect phenotype, this cut was selected for its rich garlic and cakey gas flavors.

Cot Cake #23 (Wedding Cake x Garlicot) is another exclusive strain from Staefli. This heavy-hitting indica seemlessly blends together cakey, garlic, and apricot flavors.

Modified Grapes (GMO x Purple Punch) is an indica from Symbiotic Genetics. This delicious strain combines old-school grape flavors with gas and garlic.

Papayamon is a papaya-leaning sativa phenotype of Talley Mon (Papaya x Banana OG x Dosido.) The original seeds were bred by Bloom Seed Co, and this cut was selected for its distinct flavor of creamy papaya.

Strawberry Cooler (Strawberry Guava x Kush Mintz) is a calming hybrid renowned for it’s hash potential. The sweet flavor of fresh berries gives way to an earthy, minty finish on the exhale.

Wedding Cake x Watermelon Zkittles is a hybrid hash strain known for its vigorous resin production and unique terpenes. The rich, cakey flavors blend seemlessly with notes of sweet and sour watermelon.

Truffle Mountain is a cross of Tropicana Cookies with an exclusive White Truffle phenotype of Gorilla Butter (GG4 x Peanut Butter Breath.) The flavors are an amazing blend of tropical gas and peanut butter.

Breadwinner (Garlic Breath x Breadstix F2) is an exclusive Staefli indica that doubles down on pungent, garlic flavors. Like its parentage, this strain offers a thick bready/cakey backbone.

Truffle Breath (White Truffle x Peanut Butter Breath) is an exceptional hybrid that combines sweet earthy flavors with a rich, nutty base. This strain really stands out with its top notes of skunky caramel.

Cereal Milk (Y Life x Snowman) is a hybrid strain that showcases sativa-dominant Cookies phenotypes. The sweet milk and ice cream flavors are complemented by hints of fruit and berries.

White Tiger (Cheetah Piss x White Truffle) is a hybrid strain with unique flavors. The pungent aroma is a blend of sour citrus and funky earth.

Papaya Melonz (Papaya x OZ Melon) is a sativa-leaning hybrid bursting with tropical flavor. The combination of sweet papaya and ripe melon is complemented by a hint of earthiness while offering uplifting effects.

Garlic Salt (Garlic Breath x Pie Face x Tang Breath) is another exclusive strain resulting from a breeding project in collaboration with Staefli and another local hash maker. Salty garlic dominates the profile with hints of cherry and piney kush flavors.

Tally Mon (Papaya x Banana OG x Dosidos) is a hybrid with creamy, tropical flavors. The ripe papaya and banana really make this a special treat that works wonders anytime day or night.

Garlic Cookies (Chem Dog x GMO Cookies) brings together two classic strains to create a true rosin masterpiece. Cookie flavors with heavy gas and garlic.

Trop Sunrise (Grape God x Mandarin Sunset) is an evenly balanced hybrid with bright flavors. Sweet, tropical citrus comes forward with a hint of grape.

Farmer Spotlight: Staefli Farms

Hey Lucky Elk canna-fam! We’ve been working with our friends at Staefli Farms to bring you something special...

We’re proud to present our live rosin made from full-melt bubble hash. Bred and grown here in Southern Oregon, these exclusive genetics represent more than a decade of selecting outstanding and unusual flavor profiles. Since 2010, the farmers at Staefli have grown their craft cannabis in living soil, amongst a polyculture of diverse plants and animals. When Tucker (Lucky Elk) and Keith (Staefli) met in 2012, they began cultivating a friendship based on their shared vision of land stewardship. Since then, thanks to customers like you, they’ve been able to grow their families and their businesses on the principles of organic ingredients, regenerative practices, and community outreach.

From all of us at Lucky Elk and Staefli… it’s an honor to share this plant with you, and we hope you love these small batches of live hash rosin!

‘We believe that all cannabis is medicine and the best medicine is grown under the sun, in no-till living soil where roots can dig deep into the earth, surrounded by lots of other species of plants with zero use of chemical fertilizers or sprays of any kind. Being a regenerative farm means utilizing as many closed loop systems as possible, including growing our own nutrients on site in the form of comfrey, nettle, and other dynamic accumulators in a permaculture setting.’ -Keith, master breeder at Staefli Farms

The Live Hash Rosin Difference

1. Unparalleled Purity: Our Live Rosin offers the purest way to experience cannabis extraction. It is meticulously crafted from the finest part or the plant, using the most precise equipment available at a certified laboratory. This results in a product that ranks among the cleanest cannabis extracts available.

2. Solventless Extraction: What sets Live Hash Rosin apart is its solventless extraction method. No harsh chemicals, no solvents, just pure, unadulterated cannabis essence. This extraction process captures the full spectrum of natural cannabinoids and terpenes.

3. Full-Spectrum Elevation: Live Rosin is a full spectrum concentrate, meaning it preserves the complete range of cannabinoids and terpenes, offering an entourage effect that enhances your overall experience.

4. Texture & Consistency: With a texture that's smooth and creamy, Live Hash Rosin is a work of art—perfect for dabbing, vaporizing, or enhancing the potency of your favorite flower.

5. Craftsmanship: Our commitment to excellence is at the heart of every batch of Live Hash Rosin. Our artisans handcraft each batch, ensuring that you receive a product that exemplifies the pinnacle of safety and quality.

How to Use THCa Live Rosin:

To savor the true essence of THCa Live Hash Rosin, do yourself a favor and use a dab rig with a quartz nail. You can also get creative by adding a dollop of this premium concentrate to your pipe, sprinkling it over a joint, or enhancing your favorite flower. A little goes a long way, offering a uniquely elevated experience.

Caution: Live Hash Rosin is an exceptionally potent concentrate. Please consume responsibly, and keep out of reach of children and pets. Use with care, especially if you are new to concentrates.

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Discover the ultimate cannabis concentrate with THCa Live Hash Rosin. Purity, potency, and flavor unite to provide a truly elevated experience. Explore the pinnacle of extraction artistry and try Live Hash Rosin today!

  • Organic & regenerative
  • Fresh frozen flower
  • Full-melt bubble hash
  • Solventless extraction
  • Low-temp press (160-180 degrees: THCa doesn’t decarboxylate into D9)
  • Lab Tested for Purity and Compliance

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