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Lucky Elk

THCa Pre Rolls

THCa Pre Rolls

THCa Pre Rolls packed with a selection of our premium THCa flower. Guaranteed to smoke just right from the moment you spark them up and burn evenly until the last puff. Each pre roll arrives sealed in a freshness tube.

* Lab-Tested * Less than 0.3% THC *

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Where Convenience Meets Price…

THCa, an emerging star among cannabinoids, has garnered attention for its medicinal properties and potent effects. THCa Pre Rolls offer a quick and convenient way to experience premium flower without the premium price tag.

Our THCa pre rolls are packed with ground up premium flower, prized for taste, potency, and rapid onset of effects. For those seeking a legal way to unwind and enjoy a gentle elevation, THCa pre rolls are the ultimate choice.

What is a Pre Roll? A pre-roll is another name for a hemp joint. This type of product is pre-filled with ground-up hemp flower. So, when you purchase one or a pack and they arrive at your door, you can open the box and begin enjoying right away. There’s no work or effort involved. All you’ll need is a lighter to light up and you’re good to go.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Don't be afraid to tap your smoke a few times on a hard surface. Burn off any extra paper at the tip before inhaling. Spin the smoke as you light. Go slow, draw gently.

Delta-9 Wholesale

Farm direct Delta-9. Low MOQ.

Sustainably Grown Hemp Flower

We grow our Premium Hemp Flower with Organic & Sustainable farming practices. Always Hang-Dried & Slow-Cured to bring out the Authentic Flavor of each strain. Our strict Quality Control evolved from a decade of growing herb for members of our community with chronic ailments. Since 2011 in Rogue River, Oregon. 

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