Industry Leading D8 Flower: Delta 8 Cold Infusion

What is Delta 8 Infused Flower?

Delta 8 infused flower is hemp flower that’s been lightly coated with distilled delta 8 THC. The result is a smokable product that offers users a great feeling without the paranoia and anxiety associated with marijuana. Available online, Delta 8 flower is a safe and legal way to enjoy mildly psychoactive cannabis. Read our Delta 8 blog to understand the basics.

Delta 8 distillate is a thick liquid at room temperature (like raw honey.) And hemp flower, obviously, is a solid. So how do you get the liquid distillate onto the solid flower?

The Outdated ‘Spray Method’

Most producers opt for a spray method, using some kind of modified paint spraying machine. But due to the viscosity of the distillate, this method comes with all sorts of challenges. First, you need to heat the distillate so that it can be pumped through a spray gun. This is not only a practical challenge, but it also means that plastic pumps and plastic tubes are likely leaching into the hot D8 distillate.

For most consumers, the biggest complaint of the spray method is that the flower is never evenly coated in distillate. Usually it’s a gloopy mess—one half of the flower buds dripping in distillate while the other half is bone dry.

The New ‘Cold Infusion’

At Lucky Elk, we use a unique cold infusion technique to achieve superior results. As the name suggests, we do our infusion at incredibly cold temperatures. In our labs, we use dry ice to freeze the delta 8 distillate into a solid. Then it's crushed into a fine powder and tossed with our premium flower. As we slowly bring the temperatures up, the distillate evenly melts into all the nooks and crannies of the buds. The resulting infused flower has a glistening sheen all over the bud.

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Delta 8 Cold Infusion … choosing CBD or CBG?

The cold infusion process works great whether you’re adding distillate to CBD or CBG hemp. At Lucky Elk, we add a light terpene profile to our cold infused Delta 8 flower. Our customers have found that CBG flower is lighter in both color and taste, so the added terpene profile is likely to stand out more. CBD flower, on the other hand, typically delivers more of the natural rich flavor from the hemp flower.

If your goal is to maximize the effects of the Delta 8 THC, then you might want to choose cold infused CBG flower. Based on customer feedback and general industry discussion, it seems that CBD balances the psychoactive effects of THC. Whereas CBG enhances the “high.”

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