Live Rosin | 6-Star vs. 5-Star: How to Grade Premium Concentrates

Live rosin is a type of cannabis concentrate made using a solventless extraction method that involves pressing fresh, frozen cannabis flowers or hash to extract the resin. The terms "6-star" and "5-star" are often used within the cannabis community to describe the quality of live rosin, particularly focusing on the purity and overall quality of the final product. Here's a breakdown of the difference between 6-star and 5-star live rosin:

  1. Quality of the Starting Material: Both 6-star and 5-star live rosin are made from high-quality starting material, typically fresh, frozen cannabis flowers or hash. However, in the case of 6-star rosin, the starting material is usually considered to be of even higher quality, possibly consisting of exotic or rare strains known for their exceptional flavor, potency, and terpene profile.
  2. Purity and Clarity: The grading system refers to the purity and clarity of the final rosin product. In general, 6-star live rosin is expected to have a higher level of purity and clarity compared to 5-star rosin. This means that 6-star rosin is likely to have fewer impurities, such as plant matter, lipids, and waxes, resulting in a clearer and more refined concentrate.
  3. Terpene Profile: Terpenes are aromatic compounds found in cannabis that contribute to its flavor, aroma, and effects. 6-star live rosin is often praised for its exceptionally rich and complex terpene profile, which can provide a more intense and flavorful experience compared to 5-star rosin. The terpene preservation process is crucial in achieving a higher star rating.
  4. Consistency and Texture: While both 6-star and 5-star live rosins are typically sought after for their premium quality, 6-star rosin may exhibit a slightly superior consistency and texture. This could mean that 6-star rosin is more stable, easier to work with, and produces better results when dabbed or vaporized.
  5. Overall Experience: Ultimately, the difference between 6-star and 5-star live rosin comes down to the overall experience for the consumer. 6-star rosin is often considered to offer a more refined, flavorful, and potent experience compared to 5-star rosin. However, both can still provide an enjoyable and potent cannabis experience, and the distinction between the two may vary depending on individual preferences and standards.

In summary, the main differences between 6-star and 5-star live rosin lie in the quality of the starting material, purity and clarity of the final product, terpene profile, consistency and texture, and overall experience for the consumer.

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