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Oreoz Blizzy THCa

Oreoz Blizzy THCa

Oreoz Blizzy THCa is a slightly indica dominant strain with a wildly popular genetic heritage (Wedding Cake x Sunset Sherbet.) The dense, medium to large flowers stand out with their beautiful patchwork of lime green and light purple colors. This fresh batch has a perfect cure, so the buds crumble easily by hand and burn with a clean, crisp smoke. This strain is hydroponically grown, resulting in a heavily frosted, crystalline appearance; the abundant milky white trichomes have a silk-like texture.

The aroma of Oreoz Blizzy takes on more of the Wedding Cake terpenes, offering an experience that leans into cake, cream, and vanilla. There’s also a sweet citrus and floral undertone borrowed from Sunset Sherbet. The smoke mirrors the aroma with rich, cakey flavors and a smooth, spicy exhale that coats your mouth.

Oreoz Blizzy offers users a fusion of flavor and effects. The aromatic and flavor profile is a sophisticated blend of the parent strains, just like the hybrid effects. While it does lean towards indica, Oreoz Blizzy is known to be a versatile choice that brings together relaxation with an uplifting buzz.

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Δ9-THC: <0.3%
THCA: 30.01%
Total Cannabinoids: 32.06%
Tasting Notes: Cake, Citrus, Spice
Scents and Aroma: Cream, Vanilla, Floral
Hemp Strain: Indica Dominant
Bud Size: Medium to Large
Grow Type: Indoor
This product is not available for shipment to the following states: Hawaii, Idaho, Minnesota, Oregon, Rhode Island, Utah, Vermont
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Oreoz Blizzy THCa is hydroponically grown flower, cultivated with state-of-the-art lighting and grow techniques. A true hybrid of flavor and effects, this strain is a great choice any time you get a craving for a rich, relaxing cannabis experience.

  • Indoor grown
  • Hydroponic + Organics
  • No Pesticides
  • Hand Trimmed Buds
  • Lab Tested for Purity and Compliance

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Farm direct THCa and CBD. Low MOQ.

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